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fic; blindsided [part 2]

Title: Blindsided
Author: sodonii_chan
Pairing: Sunggyu/Woohyun [WooGyu]
Genre: High School!AU
Rating: PG [Mild Language]
Summary: Sunggyu's an outcast in highschool. Woohyun's a new student, and he's everything Sunggyu hates.
A/N: It took a while, but here's the second part~

Sunggyu stares as Woohyun heads to class. He’s not sure what to do with himself, as he’s just done the most daring thing he’s ever done. Kim Sunggyu, who’s afraid of rejection and all things risky, has just kissed a boy he’s only had one conversation with.

At that moment, Sunggyu swears he won’t ever willingly disregard one of his own rules again. He’s so scared of possible rejection from Woohyun, he ignores him for the rest of the day. The boy quickly rushes out of school as soon as the final bell rings, fearing Woohyun might want to find him to talk about his sudden actions – if there was anything that Sunggyu hated more than rejection, it was confrontation.

So when Sunggyu feels a hand on his shoulder and a familiar voice greeting him, his blood turns cold.

Sunggyu stops, slowly turning around to face his raven-haired companion.


“It didn’t mean anything!” He didn’t mean to spurt it out so fast. He’d actually contemplated telling Woohyun how much he wanted to repeat his earlier actions.


“Th-the…you know.”

“Oh, you mean when y-”

“Yeah, just – can we just pretend it never happened?” Sunggyu avoids the word ‘kiss’ or anything associated with it like it’s the plague. Woohyun doesn’t fail to notice, but he pretends he does.

Sunggyu doesn’t see any regret or sadness in Woohyun’s eyes, which makes his chest feel a bit heavy – he’d wanted Woohyun to reassure him that he wasn’t the only one feeling this way, then maybe he’d get the courage to actually admit whatever feelings he had to Woohyun.

“Sure,” Woohyun responds, immediately returning to his usual cheery demeanor, “Want to walk home together?”

Sunggyu nods in reply, not really up for talking. He’s mentally beating himself up for destroying the minimal chances he had with Woohyun.

They walk in silence. It’s hard for Woohyun to go this long without uttering a word, but he senses the depressed atmosphere around Sunggyu, and doesn’t want to make him angry. He begins to hum, though, because he thinks he’ll go insane if there aren’t any noises being made.

It’s a tune Sunggyu recognizes, and he unexpectedly joins in. Woohyun’s surprised by this, but he keeps humming, feeling his stomach get a little lighter when he harmonizes with the boy next to him.

Sunggyu’s heart feels heavy – a good heavy – when he begins to hum, and he pretends it doesn’t mean anything. As soon as they reach his home, he quickly scraps any hope he has of Woohyun garnering any interest in him.

“See you tomorrow,” Sunggyu declares, as they reach his house. Woohyun smiles this breath-taking smile, and Sunggyu imagines pulling the collar of his crisp white uniform shirt and smashing his lips against his in a teeth-smashing, lip-bruising kiss, but quickly snaps out of that fantasy as he sees Woohyun walking back the way they had come.

“Wait, where do you live?” He asks.

Woohyun names an area in an entirely different direction than they had gone to get to Sunggyu’s house, and a pang of guilt hits the chestnut-haired boy.

“You didn’t have to walk with me, you know,” Sunggyu says, remorse evident in his voice.
Woohyun nods, “I know.”

Sunggyu’s silent after that, trying hard to stop his mind from reading too much into that statement. He’d end up doing something he regretted once again. They say goodbye, Woohyun smiling that gorgeous smile once again, his eyes nearly disappearing.

Sunggyu closes the door behind him, taking off his shoes and walking upstairs. He drops his backpack and plops himself down on his bed with a loud sigh. He lies facing the wall, going through the day’s events in his head. He comes up with fifty different ways he could’ve handled everything. He thinks about two scenarios the most – the first one being where he completely ignores Woohyun on the rooftop. In the second scenario, he keeps kissing Woohyun after the peck, and they live happily ever after, or something along those lines, Sunggyu’s not too worried about the details. However, he’s not so sure about which scenario he prefers.

The rest of his day goes by fast. He shoves all thoughts of a certain someone out of his mind, choosing to focus on things more along the lines of statistics and physics.

The next morning Sunggyu’s woken up by the annoying sunlight flooding through the opened blinds on his windows. He spends breakfast wondering if he’s excited or worried about seeing Woohyun today. He’s come to terms with the fact that he’s not exactly sure how he’ll act when his attractive classmate is around.

The day unexpectedly goes by fast, as does the rest of the week. Sunggyu is forced to get used to Woohyun eating lunch with him up on the rooftop, since the boy’s made it obvious that he doesn’t plan on finding another lunch spot. He's happy about this though, because he gets to learn more about Woohyun. They become incredibly close, or, closer than Sunggyu's ever been with anyone, over a short week. Sunggyu feels like he's actually got someone he can call his best friend.

The following Monday, however, feels like the slowest day he’s been through during his three years of high school.

He’s relieved that it’s lunch time, but he gets nervous when he sees Woohyun’s already at their usual lunch spot. He looks strangely eager, and a bit too happy to see Sunggyu.

“Hurry up and sit down, I’ve got something I have to tell you!”

Sunggyu grits his teeth, trying hard not to let his imagination run wild.

He fails miserably, his mind easily breaking down the flimsy wall he’s trying to put up.

“Sunggyu! Are you even listening?”

He hadn’t even realized that the other boy had started talking.

“Sorry, what did you say?” Sunggyu tries to hide the small, hopeful grin on his face.

His smile soon turns into a frown, though, as he realizes the things spilling out of Woohyun’s mouth are nowhere near what he wanted to hear. Woohyun’s chattering on about some Hyorin girl he likes in his history class. He goes on and on about how pretty and nice and funny and smart and popular she is. Apparently she can sing too, and that’s all Woohyun needs to reassure himself that she’s quality material for a girlfriend.

All Sunggyu can think about is how pathetic he is for thinking someone as fucking amazing as Nam Woohyun could ever want someone like him. He’s just plain old Kim Sunggyu, who can kind of sing. He’s not attractive, his eyes are too small, his grades are mediocre, and he’s really awkward.

Sunggyu continues with negative thoughts like these until Woohyun yells at him about how he can tell he’s not listening to him again.

“What are you thinking about that’s so much more important than what I’m talking about, hm?”

Woohyun stares at him for an answer. Sunggyu frantically searches his mind for some sort of excuse.

“Nothing…I’ve just got a big calculus test coming up, I think I might fail,” he states unconvincingly.

“Sunggyu, I’m in your calculus class, we don’t have a test for two weeks.”

Sunggyu mentally slaps himself for being so stupid, and marks that down as another reason for Woohyun not to like him the way he likes Woohyun.

“What’s wrong, Gyu? Tell me.” Sunggyu’s heart gets even heavier at the sudden variation of his name. Woohyun’s never used a nickname for him, and if it were under different circumstances, he’d be ecstatic. But Woohyun’s just using this in a friendly way, and he really doesn’t want the reality of that to sink in any longer.

“Nothing. It’s nothing.” Sunggyu quickly gathers his things, rushing to get up and leave.

“Where are you going? You haven’t even eaten lunch yet,” Woohyun whines, trying desperately to get the truth out of his friend.

“I wasn’t really hungry anyways.”

Woohyun can’t respond fast enough, because by the time he thinks of something to say, Sunggyu’s halfway out the door.
Tags: !fic, p: sunggyu/woohyun
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